Javier González Ramos (Madrid, 1978)

Philologist and painter, he develops his plastic and literary vision from an early age. He continues painting studies at the Taller del Prado (Madrid) and attends courses at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Complutense University, as well as various seminars given by renowned plastic artists. He completed his training in the studio of the painter Pilar Pérez Hidalgo.

In his early works, impressionist and fauvist influences can be seen, landscapes loaded with symbolism that convey freshness and dynamism, both oversized qualities thanks to the strong contrasts of light and color that he applies to the canvas. In his subsequent evolution, he creates a language free of external referents, a form of expression based essentially on color and shape and where his abstraction is enriched both by the intense chromaticism that he displays in his creations and by the friendly harmony of his compositions.

Javier González Ramos collaborates in different artistic projects, with great reception from critics and the public and his work is exhibited at international fairs and galleries in Madrid, Paris and London.


Individual exhibitions

2019. Sala Eduardo Chicharro, AEPE, Madrid.

2020. Sala Eduardo Chicharro, AEPE, Madrid.

2021. El Silo de Hortaleza, Madrid.

2022. Galería Orfila, Madrid.


Exhibitions and competitions

2018. Finalista XII Salón de primavera. Museo Municipal de Valdepeñas.

2019. “Colectiva de primavera”. Galería Feel and Flow, Madrid. 

2019. Certamen de Artes Plásticas “San Isidro”. Casa del Reloj, Madrid. 

2019. “El paisaje americano”. Artbanchel, Madrid. 

2020. V Salón de Arte Abstracto (exposición online con motivo de la pandemia de covid).

2021. VI Salón de Arte Abstracto. Centro cultural María Zambrano, Madrid. 

2022. Art3f Salon International d’art contemporain, París. 

2022. “Late encounters”. Monat Gallery, Madrid. 

2022. Finalista en el “89 Salón de Otoño”. Casa de Vacas, Madrid.

2023. Colectiva del grupo “Péntalo”. Espacio Cultural Abierto, Madrid.

2023. Walking with Giants. Boomer Gallery, Londres.

2023. Landscapes of thoughts. Eleven Ten Studio, Basilea (Suiza). 

2023. Revenant. Est_Art Space. Alcobendas. 

2023. Finalista en el XXII Certamen Virgen de las Viñas. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Infanta Elena, Tomelloso. 

2023. Conmemorativa del 50 Aniversario. Galería Orfila, Madrid.

2024. Art today. Galerie Katapult, Basilea (Suiza).

2024. Feria Faim. Fundación Pons, Madrid.


Artist statement

My painting is the synthesis between the influences received and my own desires and individuality that crystallize to produce a language in which form and color express themselves. Among my references are both the Fauves, among which I highlight Matisse, as well as the lyricism of de Kooning, the purity of Joan Miró or the synthesis of Scully.

With my work I intend to establish an optimistic dialogue with the viewer, a dialogue that invites them to see the brighter side of things. A “sought” geometric dynamism with a spontaneous line invites to flow, alternating movement with stillness, intensity with frivolity.

My painting is free of external referents, but with it I do seek to capture a part of everyday reality. It is a painting of contrasts of color and shape that aims to seek harmony and convey a serene joy to the viewer.


Press and interviews